John Durant: The Paleo Manifesto – #65

John Durant: The Paleo Manifesto – #65

Author of “The Paleo Manifesto” and professional caveman, John Durant, came on Bulletproof Radio to chat about primitive living in an urban jungle. In this fun and down-to-earth episode you’ll hear John and I talk about Paleo being a biohack and cricket-based protein! Whether you live in a cave now or just plan on retiring in one, there’s something in this show for everyone.

John Durant is an author and health entrepreneur. He recently released his first book – The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health – in which he advocates using evolutionary principles to combat the global epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. He studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard before moving to New York City and becoming a “professional caveman”: running barefoot through Central Park, mimicking a hunter-gatherer diet, experimenting with intermittent fasting, and doing polar bear swims in the Atlantic. John has been featured in the New York Times, and interviewed on The Colbert Report and NPR Morning Edition. He keeps a freezer chest full of organ meats in the bedroom of his Manhattan apartment, and he is fully aware of how strange that is.

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What You Will Hear

  •   0:51 – Welcome John Durant (professional caveman)
  •   2:22 – DJ Jesus?
  •   3:20 – Dating for celiacs?
  •   4:50 – Perfection is stressful
  •   5:48 – Upgraded™ Charcoal and how to eat clay like rats
  •   8:10 – The Paleo Manifesto and a chapter on biohacking
  • 10:50 – Paleo is a biohack
  • 12:00 – How to live Paleo in an urban environment
  • 14:35 – EMFs in big cities and Earthing
  • 16:35 – Top 3 most important habitat design elements
  • 18:20 – Carbing up to counteract stress
  • 20:00 – The problem with obsessively measuring carbs
  • 22:40 – ‘Everything in moderation’ doesn’t apply to gluten!
  • 23:30 – Extreme fasting with Dave and John
  • 26:00 – The physical effects of extreme fasting
  • 29:20 – John goes on the Colbert Report during a fast!
  • 31:10 – Optimizing for mental clarity
  • 33:40 – Cricket protein bars are delicious!
  • 35:10 – The disgust reflex and how it controls what you eat
  • 38:30 – Michelin-starred grass-fed crickets?
  • 40:00 – The problem with alternative food systems
  • 41:00 – How Dave is stimulating demand for the ‘good stuff’
  • 42:10 – Examples of how demand promotes production of the ‘good stuff’
  • 43:30 – John talks about creating a primal guide to New York City
  • 46:05 – The McDonalds example
  • 47:20 – Top 3 recommendations to being more Bulletproof and kicking more ass!

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