Abel James – My Diet Is Better Than Yours: #284

Abel James – My Diet Is Better Than Yours: #284

Why you should listen –

Abel James is a best-selling author, entertainer, lifestyle entrepreneur and great friend of Bulletproof Radio. He’s been featured in People Magazine, WIRED, and USA Today, and has the award-winning web series, Fat-Burning Man. This winter Abel starred on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours, as a trainer to one of the show’s most successful contestants. Abel returns to Bulletproof Radio today to talk with Dave about his diet, appearing on TV, Irlen lenses, adult coloring books, the benefits of fat-heavy diets and more. Enjoy the show!
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What You Will Hear

  •     0:00 – MVMT
  •     1:00 – Cool Fact of the Day
  •     1:37 – Wix
  •     2:38 – Introducing Abel James
  •     4:20 – Talking My Diet is Better Than Yours
  •   10:09 – Looking like a lunatic on TV
  •   14:23 – Benefits of fat as fuel
  •   17:23 – Working with Shaun T
  •   22:12 – Tracking biomarkers
  •   30:54 – What’s next for Abel?
  •   32:02 – Adult coloring books
  •   37:47 – Irlen glasses
  •   41:52 – Appearing Bulletproof
  •   47:04 – A message from Abel
  •   50:33 – 3 mistakes in kicking ass


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