The Good Life: Peace, Strength and Wisdom – Arianna Huffington #600

The Good Life: Peace, Strength and Wisdom – Arianna Huffington #600

Here we are – the 600th episode of Bulletproof Radio! This incredibly special show features my fireside chat with Arianna Huffington at the Upgrade Labs 6th Annual Biohacking Conference. The conference keynotes featured amazing people who are renowned thinkers, leaders and experts within their chosen fields and industries.

Arianna Huffington is one of those people. She’s a remarkable business leader, author and the founder and CEO of Thrive Global — an organization that’s on a mission to unlock human potential. “The ultimate disruption is changing the way we work and live,” she says.

  • In this delightful conversation—full of humor, wisdom and straight-up life advice— I talk with Arianna about prioritizing health, behavior change, habit stacking, the advance of AI, shifting workplace culture, and much more: “What I love is finding unexpected ways to work with people,” she says.
  • The discussion gets real about the damaging effects of stress and burnout: “It has become my mission to help wake up the world to the importance of sleep, of recovery, of recharging and realizing that, actually, if we want peak performance, these are tools in the toolbox that we need,” Arianna says.
  • And we touch on the vital importance of human connection in an increasingly technical world: “Why not grow our eulogy virtues—not just our resume virtues—throughout our lives?” she asks us all to consider.

I’m excited that you’ll be listening to what Arianna shares about the work she’s doing in the world to touch people’s hearts and souls. Enjoy the show!

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The Good Life: Peace, Strength and Wisdom – Arianna Huffington – #600


Arianna Huffington:
Instagram: @ariannahuff
Twitter: @ariannahuff

Thrive Global:
Instagram: @thrive
Twitter: @thrive

Upgrade Labs:
Keynote Presentations from the Upgrade Labs 6th Annual Biohacking Conference 2019:
Upgrade Labs 7th Annual Biohacking Conference 2020:

Key Notes

  • Sleep is for losers 00:02:25
  • Athletes know they need to sleep 00:03:30
  • Doing squats while you blend your coffee 00:09:50
  • Augmented Humanity and Care Giving 00:15:05
  • Success has been boiled down to money and power 00:17:40
  • How to change human behaviour 00:20:20
  • The obnoxious roommate in your head 00:26:15
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • What happened to Arianna when she didn’t sleep 00:02:00
  • Ending the stress and burnout epidemic 00:04:30
  • Following the same compliance model as powerful consumer products 00:08:00
  • Leave your phone at home when you are with your children 00:11:45
  • What is life about? 00:16:45
  • What we can borrow from product marketing 00:23:15
  • We should go beyond blue zones 00:26:05
  • Why psychometrics are as important as biometrics 00:27:10

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