Better Sleep Month Part 2 – This is Your Brain on Dreams – #591

Better Sleep Month Part 2 – This is Your Brain on Dreams – #591

Sleep—who’s getting some? Not all of you, it seems, since sleep is one of the most asked about topics. Quality and quantity matter and you want real answers.

We’ve created a multimedia sleep series for you as part of Better Sleep Month. Each week in May, you’ll find compelling interviews from Bulletproof Radio, cool articles from our blog, and a batch of lively videos. we’re bringing you the best Bulletproof tips and tools we have so you can start sleeping better. Listen, read or view—whatever helps you get your own piece of the night.

Photo of Beirdre BarrettThis is part 2 of a four-part Better Sleep Month series on Bulletproof Radio. On this reworked and upgraded episode, we revisit Dr. Deirdre Barrett’s conversation with Dave about dreams—how to remember them, interpret them, and use a dream incubator to put them to good use.

If you want to get in touch with your dreams, you’ve got to be sleeping more. “We dream about every 90 minutes,” Dr. Barrett says, “But each dream period gets much longer than the preceding one, so if you sleep four hours instead of eight, you’re not getting half your dream time. You’re getting only 20 percent of your dream time. So, short sleeping hurts us in a lot of ways, but it impacts dreaming sleep more than the other forms of sleep.”

Enjoy the show—and check back next week for part 3 of our Better Sleep Month series.

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Better Sleep Month Part 2 – This is Your Brain on Dreams – #591

Key Notes

  • How children sleep differently than adults 00:04:20
  • Dave’s brain-eating amoeba and nightmares 00:05:40
  • Is the body trying to communicate with us through dreams? 00:08:20
  • Why do sleep/wake hybrid states happen? 00:12:55
  • How to make our dreams work for us 00:14:45
  • What are the steps we need to take to have problem-solving dreams 00:17:40
  • Do supplements influence dreaming? 00:25:10
  • Alzheimer’s drugs that are effective for dreaming 00:27:20
  • About acetylcholine 00:28:35
  • Micro-dosing LSD and dreams 00:30:15
  • Alcoholics have a lot of nightmares when they are sobering up 00:31:05
  • Other drugs withdrawal and heightening of REM sleep 00:31:20
  • Tibetan Sleep Yoga and other Buddhist dream practices 00:34:15
  • The techniques that work for us westerners 00:39:15
  • Mixing realities 00:47:00
  • What is dream art? 00:51:00

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