Better Sleep Month Part 3 – Track Your Sleep, Up Your Game – #593

Better Sleep Month Part 3 – Track Your Sleep, Up Your Game – #593

Sleep—who’s getting some? Not all of you, it seems, since sleep is one of the most asked about topics. Quality and quantity matter, and you want real answers.

We’ve created a multimedia sleep series for you as part of Better Sleep Month. Each week in May, you’ll find compelling interviews from Bulletproof Radio, cool articles from our blog, and a batch of lively videos. We’re bringing you the best Bulletproof tips and tools we have, so you can start sleeping better. Listen, read or view—whatever helps you get your own piece of the night.

photo of Harpreet RaiThis is part 3 of a four-part Better Sleep Month series on Bulletproof Radio. On this reworked and combined episode, we’re showing you all the best ways to track your sleep. With details about wearable technology and gear, you’ll be able to make essential adjustments that will improve not only your sleep, but also your daily energy levels and overall performance.

“Sleep ends up being a leading indicator and sometimes activity can be a lagging indicator,” says Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Ring. “If you get enough sleep and your heart rate variability is high and you’re in that parasympathetic state, you’re going to perform better in activity the next day. And there are numerous studies that actually show that. I think trying to get people in this mentality of, “focusing on tomorrow today by focusing on sleep first,” gets you ready in this mindset for what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Enjoy the show—and check back next week for part 4 of our Better Sleep Month series.

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Better Sleep Month Part 3 – Track Your Sleep, Up Your Game – #593

Key Notes

  • Sleep is the best biohack that you can do 00:03:30
  • Quality over quantity 00:05:30
  • 15% of the population works out but 99% sleeps 00:14:05
  • How sleep affects weight gain 00:20:20
  • Mood and quality of sleep 00:37:20
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • Why sleep sucks 00:04:20
  • Sleep differences in men and women 00:08:30
  • 1.2 million people prove that 8 hours of sleep is too much 00:28:20
  • Sleep quality and grip strength 00:34:20
  • What does HRV tell you? 00:40:20
  • How to use stress to get stronger, not weaker 00:42:40
  • Why tracking temperature at night is important 00:44:15
  • How is nightly temperature different in women? 00:47:05
  • Does EMF from all this monitoring break our bodies? 00:48:50

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