Blue Zones: How to live longer and happier lives w/ Dan Burden – #252

Blue Zones: How to live longer and happier lives w/ Dan Burden – #252

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There are certain key locations across the globe where people live extraordinarily long, healthy, and happy lives. Dan Burden and Samantha Thomas come on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss the Blue Zones project, a project that focuses on enabling cities to develop strong, healthy communities and how they have already upgraded longevity across the country.  Enjoy the show!

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Dan Burden, the Director of Innovation and Inspiration for Blue Zones, LLC, has focused his entire career on helping the world get back on its feet. Dan created the walking audit; a highly interactive way to help people see their community through a sharper, more people focused lens.  This popular annual NPSG walking audit workshop is designed to help participants fine-tune their most engaging public interaction skills.  Dan illustrates the benefits of sometimes-simple and oft-difficult changes, and provides a roadmap for people to create neighborhoods, streets and cities that are more healthy and better connected.

Samantha helps communities—neighborhoods, towns and cities—become healthier, better connected, more accessible and age-friendly.  Over the last four years, Samantha has worked in over 100 cities, facilitating walkability, active-living and safe routes to school workshops and developing community-led action plans for communities.  She brings to this effort a diversity of experience in community engagement, the power of neighborhood leadership, and civic co-creation from living and working in South Africa for a year, to two years as AmeriCorps volunteer with Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and the City of Saint Paul Office of the Mayor.

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What You Will Hear

  •   0:16 – Cool fact of the day
  •   2:25 – Welcome Dan Burden & Samantha Thomas from Blue Zones
  •   4:48 – What Blue Zones do for you
  •  15:13 – Understanding your life radius
  • 30:38 – Is your city designed for people?
  • 39:24 – How you can upgrade your life radius
  • 50:15 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!



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