The Bulletproof Body Box – #BIO02

The Bulletproof Body Box – #BIO02

I’m stoked to announce the release of the second Bulletproof Body Box: #BIO02. These boxes are a great way for to share the coolest biohacking products with you, for a fraction of the cost! I curate a box every few months. so if you missed this one, you can subscribe right now to get the next box.

Unboxing video (With a sneak peak of the new Biohacking Lab on Vancouver Island!)

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Here’s what’s inside Bulletproof Body Box – #BIO02!

Quarterly BIO02 MySubscriptionAddiction

(Photos from’s review of this box)

1. The Supernova OR Gemini from MobilityWOD

2. Under Amour Armourbite Mouthpiece

3. Berkeley Test Nitric Oxide Saliva Testing Strips

4. Instant Cordyceps by Four Sigma

5. BioCreatine from Natural Stacks

6. Unfair Advantage Sampler Pack + a 15% off Discount Code

7. A discount code for the Marc Pro (Use code BPE at checkout)

Golden Ticket Items:

You might find an extra item in your Quarterly box! Here’s what some lucky subscribers got this time around:

Some of the boxes will also feature some bars from EPIC as a surprise bonus!

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Haven’t had enough biohacking for one day? Check out what was in the last box: #BIO01!



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