Bulletproof your Gut! Guest on SCD Lifestyle Podcast

Bulletproof your Gut! Guest on SCD Lifestyle Podcast

Last week I was a guest of The Specific Carbohydrate Blog, from Jordan Reasoner and  Steve Wright.  They are two guys that made remarkable recoveries from Celiac and IBS, and are helping others do the same.  They have a lot of great information about improving digestive health.

They invited me on their show to talk about Bulletproofing your gut.  In this interview, Steve and I talk about:

  • Coffee, red meat and saturated fat
  • Epigenetics and the importance of genetics in general
  • Mycotoxins and the impact on autoimmune/gut diseases
  • Charcoal and your digestive system
  • Fresh fish and histamine, how to protect yourself
  • Sub-clinical food reactions
  • Using the emWave to help with stress and gut issues
  • How to keep the wrong foods out of your mouth
You can download the link from their website, here.

What improvements have you noticed since you changed your diet?   What do you think the one change that helped the most was?   How do you keep the wrong foods out of your mouth?



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