Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Medicine with Caspar Szulc #544

Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Medicine with Caspar Szulc #544

Caspar Szulc is the co-founder and president of Innovative Medicine—a company that has been dreaming big for over a decade, making a positive change in people’s lives by going against conventional health-care industry thinking.

The mission of Innovative Medicine is to go beyond the mainstream approach to incremental change and take a vertical leap toward exponential progress by leading the way in unifying and personalizing the field of medicine.

In this episode, Caspar dives into some interesting ideas and products including Nadovim, which is the first physician-formulated and comprehensive NAD+ supplement for focus, concentration and cognitive function.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Medicine with Caspar Szulc #544


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Show Notes

  • There is a crisis of energy out there 00:06:05
  • The various ways to consume NAD 00:15:00
  • Two ways that you can feel NAD 00:21:20
  • A story from an older woman who started using NAD 00:22:45
  • The natural cycle of NAD 00:25:25
  • Sleep is incredibly important 00:27:15
  • Alzheimer’s and NAD 00:30:10
  • What is polymorphism? 00:34:15
  • Our approach is to address root causes 00:38:30
  • We live in a society that is bogged down with stressors 00:46:50
  • Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe 00:57:45

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