Do Less to Get More – Kate Northrup – #654

Put a focus on your priorities and practices to eliminate busyness and achieve greater success.

Mastering Brain Waves and Creating Mind Bridges – Dawson Church – #653

You can be in charge of your brain waves and reshape your brain with thoughts, emotions and meditation.

Altered States of Sex – Layla Martin – #651

Fully awaken your sexuality by combining modern science with the effective practices of Tantra.

Overcoming Addictions with Plant Medicine – Gerard Powell – #650

Learn how plant medicine and transformational breath work can change your life.

9 Intermittent Fasting Podcast Episodes That Will Help You Get Started

Fasting may seem like it’s on trend at the moment, but it’s nothing new. Fasting has been a part of…

How Foods are Harming Your Kids – Steven Gundry, M.D. – #649

Learn about your kids’ brain-gut-behavior connection and find out ways to protect their microbiome.

How to Stay Present No Matter What – Don Wood, Ph.D. – #648

Understanding the source of your past trauma can improve your performance in the present.



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