Special Edition: Aerobic Exercise May Be Destroying Your Body – Charles Poliquin #537

Special Edition: Aerobic Exercise May Be Destroying Your Body – Charles Poliquin #537

This episode is a special edition of Bulletproof Radio because a good friend and mentor, Charles Poliquin, a man who has helped elite professional athletes and Olympians win hundreds of medals, passed away unexpectedly.

Charles was a knowledgeable biohacker, possesed a wealth of knowledge, and was always eager and willing to share it. We lost an amazing biohacker when he passed, but I am grateful to be able to share his amazing wisdom one more time in this episode.

During this episode, we discuss how too much aerobic exercise may be destroying your body, but weightlifting can save it!

Enjoy the show!

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Special Edition: Aerobic exercise may be destroying your body – Charles Poliquin #537

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5:00 – Welcome Charles Poliquin

6:40 – Maintaining muscle mass as you age

10:00 – Aerobic exercise

13:50 – Is Dave under-training?

15:00 – Peptides and SARMs

18:45 – Reversing muscle loss protocol

26:00 – Safety with drugs

28:00 – Incorporating peptides over testosterone

32:00 – How to eat

41:00 – Food intolerance tests

1:00:00 –  Charles Piloquin “How To Gain Muscle Mass” e-book


Strength Sensei

Muscle Logic Book



HB1AC (Glycated hemoglobin)

Cyrex Laboratories

Dr. Daniel Amen

Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin



The Bulletproof Diet

Brain Octane

SARMs: A Potential Way To Build More Muscle