The Quest To End Alzheimer’s: Dale Bredesen #522

The Quest To End Alzheimer’s: Dale Bredesen #522

Dr. Dale Bredesen has spent over 30 years researching the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and has recently published the first paper on the Reversal Of Cognitive Decline in patients with early onset Alzheimer’s. He truly is a pioneer in the science of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases of the brain. He is also an internationally recognized expert on how Alzheimer’s happens, and his lab, the Bredesen Laboratory, studies the mechanisms behind neurodegeneration.

Even if you don’t have Alzheimer’s, or don’t know anyone with Alzheimer’s, you have a greater chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease than you think … assuming you don’t get hit by a car when you’re young.

The information that you will learn in this podcast episode will not only help protect you against neurodegenerative diseases but it has led to the publication of 220 research papers. Dr. Bredesen just wrote an entire book called The End of Alzheimer’s that, frankly, everyone should read.

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The Quest To End Alzheimer’s: Dale Bredesen #522


Book: The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Show Notes

  • What is actually driving the biochemistry that leads to Alzheimer’s 00:05:00
  • This is like a mechanic labeling an issue as “this is car not working syndrome” 00:05:30
  • We recommend everyone who is 45 (or older) get a “cognoscopy” 00:07:50
  • What are the factors that are tested in a cognoscopy? 00:08:30
  • for direct to consumer test 00:14:30
  • The top 5 things on the Alzheimer’s hit list 00:20:20
  • Most people have toxicity from sugar 00:22:00
  • Imagine you have invaders breaching your borders 00:24:10
  • If you reduce your odds of getting one chronic disease you will likely reduce the risk of getting them all 00:31:30
  • Testing for these factors now and in the future 00:35:30
  • What should Dave look at in his quest to live to 180-years-old 00:36:30
  • What is “You sucked at living” medicine 00:38:50
  • Dying gets in the way of healthy ageing 00:42:00
  • Is being in Ketosis all the time good or bad? 00:48:00
  • Does low fat fit into Dale’s work? 00:51:20
  • Should you still eat grains? 00:54:10

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