Why You Desperately Need Carbs – Dr. David Perlmutter #553

Why You Desperately Need Carbs – Dr. David Perlmutter #553

Dr. David Perlmutter is an established and innovative neurologist who focuses on the relationship between lifestyle and the brain. You may be familiar with Grain Brain, his landmark book that made the connection between grains and brain health – five years ago!

Dr. Perlmutter has now revised Grain Brain, with the new edition (released on Dec. 18). In it, he puts forth the most compelling evidence to date that a non-GMO, gluten-free, and low-carb diet is crucial for cognitive function and long-term health.

In this episode, we talk about David’s influence on my Game Changers Law #27: Feed the Little Bastards in Your Gut, and the exciting new research he’s drawn upon to update Grain Brain.

Dr. David has been a guest on Bulletproof Radio twice before. You can listen to our conversations about connecting your gut and your brain, and the links between autism, Alzheimer’s and the gut microbiome.

Enjoy the show!
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Why You Desperately Need Carbs – Dr. David Perlmutter #553


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Bulletproof Radio: Connecting your Gut and your Brain with David Perlmutter – #359 (2016)
Bulletproof Radio: Dr. David Perlmutter: Autism, Alzheimer’s & The Gut Microbiome – #250 (2015)

Show Notes

  • This current diet is unlike anything we have eaten in 99.6% of humans walking this planet – and it is a threat 00:09:30
  • How much easier it is to write about gluten now than five years ago 00:07:45
  • The carbohydrate confusion 00:12:40
  • The more plant-based is your diet the better (but not vegan) 00:17:05
  • We’re learning the gut bacteria plays a large role in the brain 00:20:50
  • We’ve to target younger and younger audiences with this info about your brain 00:25:15
  • Perfect correlation between belly size and risk of cognitive decline 00:30:40
  • There are no meaningful treatments for Alzheimer’s at this time 00:31:40
  • Does our gut bacteria create plaque build-up in arteries? 00:41:00
  • When you compromise LDL, you are in big trouble 00:43:00
  • The Goldilocks zone or a U shaped curve 00:49:45
  • The problem with “normal” lab values 00:53:00
  • Why you definitely need carbs 00:59:00

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