Your Genetics but Better with DNAFit #545

Your Genetics but Better with DNAFit #545

This episode of Bulletproof Radio was recorded live in Los Angeles with Andrew Steele and Avi Lasarow from the award-winning personalized health & wellbeing company called DNAFit. Andrew is a retired Olympic track & field athlete who represented Great Britain. Avi is an entrepreneur working in the field of genetics.

Now at the personal genetics company DNAFit, Andrew and Avi specialize in the use of genetic technology for personalization in fitness and nutrition, providing the gateway that allows individuals to make better, more informed, and personalized exercise and nutrition choices.

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Your Genetics but Better with DNAFit #545


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Twitter: @DNAFitHQ
Andrew Steele:

Show Notes

  • How Andrew become and gold medalist 00:03:15
  • Eating low carb back in 2003 (before it was cool) 00:06:15
  • Why you shouldn’t let your DNA define your athletic pursuits 00:11:20
  • When you are connected to the results, there is an increased adherence to change 00:22:50
  • Why you shouldn’t char your meat no matter what your genes say 00:25:45
  • How long Andrew and Avi plan to live 00:31:00
  • Genetic research is moving at such a rapid pace 00:32:30
  • Who has access to the data DNAFit collects? 00:38:10
  • “Be a solution not just data for data’s sake” 00:41:45

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