Solving the Problem of Aging with Dr. Robert Goldman #556

Solving the Problem of Aging with Dr. Robert Goldman #556

This is a special live Bulletproof Radio interview that was conducted at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine with Dr. Robert Goldman who is the man that started this illustrious group 26 years ago. Dr. Goldman is the world chairman from the International Medical Commission and President Emeritus of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

A4M is a group of thousands of physicians working on solving the world’s ageing problems. And their work has profoundly affected me as a biohacker.

Dr. Goldman has spent decades figuring out how to get doctors to line up to do stuff that matters instead of doing stuff the way it’s always been done. And we’re really fortunate to get to spend an hour with him on this podcast because he’s a very busy and sought-after guy.

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Solving the Problem of Aging with Dr. Robert Goldman #556


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Instagram: @drrobertgoldman
Twitter: @RobertGoldmanMD

Show Notes

  • What is the difference between the different types of doctors? 00:03:05
  • There is more money in illness than there is in health 00:07:45
  • People are poking fun saying “you can’t change a person’s age” 00:09:15
  • Who is getting into Anti-aging now 00:11:30
  • Does veganism lead to anti-aging? 00:13:05
  • Where does plastic surgery fit into anti-aging 00:18:00
  • Is it possible for Dave to live to at least 180? 00:20:45
  • Dr. Goldman’s experience with stem cells 00:24:00
  • A lot of what we learned was from bodybuilders 00:27:45
  • Where is the information coming from these days? 00:31:00
  • When Viagra came out… 00:34:15
  • Where is the best place in the world to get medical care? 00:35:30
  • Is there bullsh*t out there? 00:39:40
  • What Dr. Goldman eats 00:48:25

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