Empathy: the Unexpected Key to Transforming Lives, Drew Manning #534

Empathy: the Unexpected Key to Transforming Lives, Drew Manning #534

Drew Manning is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons From Gaining And Losing 75 Lbs On Purpose. In this episode, we talk about Drew’s winding journey of fitness, faith, failure and feats of self-awareness.

He’s best known for his year-long experiment that went viral, garnered national attention, and led to appearances on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The View and more. His experiment also became a hit TV show called “Fit to Fat to Fit,” and aired on the A&E and Lifetime channels.

In the 7 years since that experiment, Drew has helped thousands of people learn to live a healthy lifestyle and transform their lives.

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Empathy: the Unexpected Key to Transforming Lives, Drew Manning #534


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Instagram: @fit2fat2fit

Show Notes

  • Getting fat on purpose 00:5:15
  • Thinking it is a lack of willpower is wrong 00:06:10
  • Fat people are willpower athletes 00:06:40
  • How do you know if someone is being lazy? 00:08:45
  • How to gain 75lbs in 6 months 00:10:50
  • It feels terrible eating like that 00:12:40
  • How did people treat you when you were fat? 00:15:20
  • This is how my client’s feel every day 00:15:50
  • Most of the transformation was mental and emotional 00:19:00
  • You have to do the physical stuff but love yourself at the same time 00:21:00
  • Empathy is missing in health and fitness 00:21:50
  • Food is so much more than how it changes our physical appearance 00:24:00
  • How to deal with cheat meals 00:31:30
  • How to come clean and a service to people 00:36:00
  • I am who I am – living authentically 00:43:50

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