The Unusual Brain of Dr. Eric Kandel #538

The Unusual Brain of Dr. Eric Kandel #538

Today’s guest is an Austrian-American who emigrated from Vienna to Brooklyn in 1939 at the age of nine. Dr. Eric Kandel will celebrate nearly nine decades of curiosity and study at about the time this podcast will air.

Dr. Kandel is a renowned neuroscientist with a psychiatric background who is considered one of the pioneers of modern brain science. His work continues to shape our understanding of how learning and memory work and to break down age-old barriers between the sciences and the arts.

Dr. Kandel has been described by a colleague as: “One of the truly great intellects … One of the greatest scientists and greatest neuroscientists of the last 100 years.”  He has this wonderful far-reaching mind that is not afraid to ask questions, to be integrative, to take a bold leap of imagination.”

Today, Dr. Kandel tells us about his research on the biological foundations of memory and his newest book, “The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tell UsAbout Ourselves.”

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The Unusual Brain of Dr. Eric Kandel #538


Book: The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tell Us About Ourselves
Nobel Prize:

Show Notes

  • The best way to enhance your brain 00:07:00
  • What habituation and sensitization are 00:11:40
  • Are transcranial stimulation devices effective or dangerous? 00:13:55
  • The effects of nicotine 00:15:40
  • How to know if a brain intervention actual works 00:17:50
  • How Eric is a reductionist 00:23:10
  • What Eric does to keep his memory sharp as he ages (he is 89) 00:26:40
  • Long-term memories versus short term, pleasure versus pain 00:27:30
  • How PTSD works 00:29:05
  • How to increase how memories are stored 00:31:30
  • How Eric discovered that exercise was good for the brain 00:37:45
  • The cure for ageing is – walking! 00:40:45
  • What is coming in the next 90 years? 00:45:40

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