Bodybuilders are the Original Biohackers – Fairfax Hackley #558

Bodybuilders are the Original Biohackers – Fairfax Hackley #558

Fairfax “Hack” Hackley has spent a lifetime in the field of fitness. He spent over 20 years in the sport of bodybuilding – winning 12 class titles – while working as the director of the Mr. America contest, winning both the IFBB Silver, and Gold awards for excellence in administration.

If you think having someone like Hack on the podcast is odd, well bodybuilders are some of the original biohackers. They said, “Look, I want to look a certain way and it is not the way that Mother Nature wanted me to look. So I’m going to take control of my own biology. I’m going to weigh what I eat. I’m going to measure. I’m going to write it down.”

Hack has been featured in USA Today, Muscle & Fitness, People Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine, Washington Post, Flex and has appeared in over 200 television and radio segments. He currently gives a weekly fitness tip on WTOP radio – the Nation’s #1 radio station. Since its inception, he has worked closely with the Arnold Sports Festival (in Columbus OH – Director of Armwrestling, MMA Workshop) and is a member of the International Sport Hall of Fame serving on its advisory board.

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Bodybuilders are the Original Biohackers – Fairfax Hackley #558


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Show Notes

  • How did bodybuilding originally start out? 00:05:35
  • We’re actually devolving as a species, in some respects 00:07:30
  • Specific problems that women bodybuilders encounter 00:08:35
  • Dave’s thoughts on doping in sports 00:10:24
  • A shocking survey of Olympic Athletes 00:12:55
  • The case of Lance Armstrong 00:13:20
  • Old school bodybuilder’s health practices 00:14:45
  • The price you pay to get maximum muscle size 00:17:20
  • The bodybuilder physique didn’t happen in nature 00:25:35
  • Bodybuilding in the future is more functional 00:26:30
  • Is there a place for wearable technology? 00:29:40
  • If you really want to be paleo … 00:30:35

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