Dr. Ozone: Frank Shallenberger’s 40 years Using Medical Ozone to Fix Everything #524

Dr. Ozone: Frank Shallenberger’s 40 years Using Medical Ozone to Fix Everything #524

The guest on this episode of Bulletproof Radio is a doctor who was referenced heavily in Headstrong, my book about cognitive function and mitochondrial hacking. His name is Dr. Frank Shallenberger (or Dr. Ozone) and he has been practicing as a physician for more than four decades in both conventional and alternative medicine.

He started as a western doctor, earlier in his career but then he decided that he wanted to know more about health than what happens in a hospital. He decided this after he realized that the human body is a self-healing mechanism and that it is our lifestyle, belief system, bad exercise, and toxins that cause it to break.

Dr. Shallenberger is one of the guys who has revolutionized the practice of anti-aging and preventative medicine since the very early days of those fields. He has also patented a method to measure mitochondrial function, metabolism, oxygen utilization and in this episode, we talk about that method, his most recent book, Bursting With Energy, and much more.

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Dr. Ozone: Frank Shallenberger’s 40 years Using Medical Ozone to Fix Everything #524


Website: Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
Book: The Ozone Miracle
Book: Bursting with Energy
Book: The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough

Show Notes

    • Ozone is good for almost any medical case you see 00:04:30
    • What is ozone and how does it work? 00:06:35
    • Why Free Radicals aren’t all bad (just some of them) 00:08:45
    • Dave’s experience with Ozone therapy 00:09:30
    • A procedure called Ten Pass Ozone 00:14:30
    • Other ways to use Ozone 00:15:50
    • The real problem with antibiotics 00:21:20
    • How Dave treated a sty in his eye with ozone 00:22:40
    • Can you do Ozone treatments at home? 00:26:15
    • What happens if you breathe ozone gas? (Don’t do it!) 00:27:10
    • NAD to NADH Ratio 00:32:00
    • What poisons the mitochondria? 00:35:15
    • The way you can test your mitochondria 00:38:35
    • How Ketosis effects mitochondria 00:42:05
    • How Coffee and/or Caffeine effect mitochondria 00:45:15
    • How much does the average person need to worry about this? 00:47:00
    • When is the last time you heard of someone dying from nothing? 00:51:40

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