The Science of the Perfect Physique at any Age: Mr. Olympia Frank Zane #506

The Science of the Perfect Physique at any Age: Mr. Olympia Frank Zane #506

“I was able to convince myself that I was the winner and I think that’s the secret of winning is to win it ahead of time.”

Frank Zane is a American former professional body builder. Author of more than 15 books on fitness, nutrition, and body building. But calling him a body builder doesn’t really do him justice.

He’s a three time Mr. Olympia and his physique is considered to be one of the greatest in the history of body building, due to his incredible focus on symmetry and proportion. He was called the king of aesthetics in the body building world.

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The Science of the Perfect Physique at any Age: Mr. Olympia Frank Zane #506


  • What Frank tells people who just can’t seem to lose fat 00:09:04
  • I haven’t been in shape for 61 years, I have gotten in shape 61 times 00:12:08
  • What happens when you eat too few carbs 00:18:24
  • Make lighter weights feel heavier 00:19:55
  • How Frank used meditation to get through his day 00:27:31
  • The secret to winning 00:29:35
  • People don’t see themselves 00:35:42
  • Cultivating emptiness 00:52:07
  • Weight lifting is meditation 00:54:56
  • The things Frank does (and takes) to make his mitochondria work better 00:15:25
  • Saying a mantra a million times per year 00:29:00
  • What is the state of Somati 00:31:20

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