Lessons on Living Life Your Way: Garrett Gee #550

Lessons on Living Life Your Way: Garrett Gee #550

Garrett Gee is dad of “The Bucket List Family.” More than three years ago, Garrett and his wife, Jessica, sold nearly all of their belongings and set off to travel the world with their two small children. Originally, it was a trip planned for a few months or until they ran out of their $45K garage sale money.

Instead, they turned into a family of travel journalists, visiting nearly 70 countries and capturing loyal followers along their journey: 1.5 million on Instagram and almost 600K on YouTube. To date, their travel adventure videos have garnered nearly 44 million views. They also added another child to their family during their travels, with all three, Dorothy, Manilla and Calihan, each having featured Instagram accounts and YouTube video series.

Oh – and Garrett happens to be the co-founder of Scan, an app that Shark Tank passed on, but Snapchat bought for $54 million. Jus’ sayin’.

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Lessons on Living Life Your Way: Garrett Gee #550


Instagram: @garrettgee
Twitter: @garrettgee
YouTube: The Bucket List Family
Family Travel:
Travelling Home: Home Love Network

Show Notes

  • Why didn’t Garrett buy a Lamborghini with his money? 00:07:30
  • What it is like not being able to tell anyone that you are a millionaire 00:10:45
  • Was it stressful not being able to tell anyone? 00:12:15
  • What happened when North Korea hacked Sony 00:12:40
  • How Garrett followed his gut and heart 00:15:30
  • How does social media change the way you travel? 00:20:25
  • When will Garrett’s kids get on Social Media 00:23:50
  • Teaching kids about money 00:27:00
  • How much money buys happiness 00:29:00
  • How charity can reduce stress 00:32:45

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