Gut Health Matters At Every Age: Pediatrician, Michelle Perro #511

Gut Health Matters At Every Age: Pediatrician, Michelle Perro #511

Today’s Bulletproof Radio guest is Dr. Michelle Perro who is a 37-year veteran of pediatrics in acute care and integrative medicine, which means that she has truly been on the front line of caring for children.

Over the past couple of decades, she has personally witnessed the decline in kids’ health and also the increase in the environmental load our children are experiencing.  In fact, this issue affected her so much that she wrote a book about it, What’s Making our Children Sick.  In this podcast episode, we help you understand what’s going on inside the children of today and how we can potentially lower their environmental burden.

Dr. Perro is also the Executive Director of the non-profit website,, which explores the links between genetically modified food, the pesticides that come with them, and how that impacts food, health and agriculture.

Enjoy the show!

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Gut Health Matters At Every Age: Pediatrician, Michelle Perro #511


Michelle’s Book: What’s Making Our Children Sick?: How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It

Show Notes

  • The most common health denominators in today’s kids 00:07:21
  • How quickly do you “go to the gut” when assessing a child’s health? 00:14:14
  • The surprising number of people who aren’t functioning at the highest potential 00:16:07
  • One thing we can all do to live better 00:17:58
  • The current food movement 00:21:40
  • Until more the restaurants get on board with “Farm to Table” 00:23:11
  • How do you handle Cheat Days? 00:25:15
  • Being snobbish about what is in your supplements 00:27:31
  • Some animal meats concentrate glyphosate 00:28:52
  • What to do when your child wants cake? (*gasp*) 00:33:30
  • Why toxic mold is more of an issue now than in the past 00:40:12

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