Helen Irlen – Your Glass Is Always Full Through Irlen Lenses: #291

Helen Irlen – Your Glass Is Always Full Through Irlen Lenses: #291

Why you should listen –

Helen Irlen is an internationally recognized educator, researcher, therapist, scholar and expert in the area of visual-perceptual disorders. Helen discovered Irlen Syndrome over 20 years ago, after establishing that individuals showed a marked improvement in their reading ability when reading material was covered by colored acetate sheets. In the years since, Helen has taught thousands, from schoolchildren to NFL players, to utilize colors to boost brain function. Helen is a regular on BPR and on this episode of Bulletproof Radio, she sits down with Dave to talk about Irlen Syndrome, visual perception and performance, ideal light settings, behavioral problems stemming from light, issues with fluorescent lights, Irlen lenses and more. Enjoy the show!
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What You Will Hear

  •     0:00 – SeatGeek
  •     1:50 – Cool Fact of the Day
  •     2:53 – Casper Mattresses
  •     4:20 – Introducing Helen Irlen
  •     5:25 – Helen’s testing method
  •   10:50 – Taking the test
  •   23:50 – Visual perception & performance
  •   28:56 – Light in your environment
  •   36:33 – Discovering Irlen Syndrome
  •   41:48 – Irlen Lenses and the brain
  •   47:12 – Worst lights and colors
  •   54:12 – Ridding your life of irritations
  •   59:37 – Behavioral problems from light


Helen Irlen

Understanding Irlen Syndrome video

A Bulletproof Simulation of what it’s like to have Irlen Syndrome

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