How to BiOptimize Your Gut & Digestion – #515

How to BiOptimize Your Gut & Digestion – #515

Today’s guests are the founders of BiOptimizers, Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant. Both of these guys are high performers, they look amazing, and they both have deep knowledge of human performance.

Wade is a former three-time Canadian natural body-building champion, and Matt is an experienced strength and conditioning coach for pro athletes who is in ketosis most of the time. Matt has also been working on supplements for more than a decade – so he really knows his stuff.

In this episode, we talk about processes that go on in your gut (that you probably don’t know about), probiotics, healthy gut bacteria, and something that is often overlooked in health and nutrition, the role that enzymes can play.

Enjoy the show!

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How to BiOptimize Your Gut & Digestion – #515


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Show Notes

  • Why I don’t like being called a vegetarian 00:07:01
  • What are enzymes 00:15:50
  • How epigenetics and ancestry factor into digestion of carbs 00:19:53
  • What really breaks down carbs and fats? 00:23:59
  • How human digestion works 00:37:14
  • Hydrochloric acid in the body 00:42:00
  • How the microbiome is made up 00:47:12
  • How probiotics work with our natural digestion 00:47:10
  • The best way to stimulate peristalsis 00:49:40
  • Treating strains and sprains with enzymes 00:52:31
  • 99% of gluten sensitive people aren’t aware of it 00:57:12

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