LipoFullerenes for the Longevity Win – Ian Mitchell #586

LipoFullerenes for the Longevity Win – Ian Mitchell #586

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll learn about cellular enhancements that regulate mitochondria, stop inflammation and inhibit metastasis. We’re welcoming Ian Mitchell back to the show to talk about his exciting new patent that could have important implications for human cancer treatments.

Who knew that reconfiguration of the carbon atom or molecule could have such profound effects on cellular activity? Ian did. As the vice president of Research at C360 Health, his focus is on using natural products to impact a wide range of health issues and on innovative health supplementation through the use of LipoFullerenes™.

He and his team have been researching and developing supplements and therapeutics using Carbon nanoparticulate as a backbone for complexed molecules and solutions—things ranging from joint renewal, to hair regrowth to anti-metastatic therapies for cancer. A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. A fullerene dissolved in olive oil has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-pollution, skin brightening/lightening, hair growth-stimulation, anti-inflammatory, pore-tightening efficacy. It also helps with the improvement of the skin barrier and acne. Dissolved in coconut oil, it is beneficial for your eyes.

Ian’s team discovered that LipoFullerenes™ up-regulate mitochondrial function at the same time they decrease inflammation. Specifically, cellular enhancements in biological systems through the use of LipoFullerenes™ and peptide group combinations. And their newest research is even more profound: “We’ve developed something that does, in fact, entirely inhibit metastatic behavior of cancer,” Ian says. “That’s pretty cool.”

LipoFullerenes™ used on a daily basis play a big part in cellular health, as well as a ketogenic diet. “That’s the apex of the whole thing,” he says. “Get on a keto diet. Just stop feeding the problem.”

So if you want to learn how to enhance your cellular function and put your body back in line so that your immune system can do what it’s supposed to do, we invite you to listen to today’s episode.

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LipoFullerenes for the Longevity Win – Ian Mitchell #586


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Key Notes

  • Using diamonds to make your BBQ 00:05:10
  • Cellular enhancement 00:17:00
  • Can this supplement make it safe to start smoking and eating fries? 00:18:30
  • “You can’t put out the fire while also pouring gas on it” 00:21:50
  • Cancer loves fructose 00:28:50
  • Fructose is the “cupcake of doom” 00:30:45
  • People with cancer: go on a ketogenic diet 00:31:50
  • Ian’s take on THC and CBD 00:42:45
  • Big Ideas:
  • What is a bucky ball? 00:05:45
  • A test the resulted in an increase in mouse lifespan of 93% 00:12:38
  • What are the effects of mitochondrial enhancement? 00:20:20
  • Do you see a world where this protocol gets recommend by doctors? 00:26:20
  • What Ian does to live longer 00:37:50
  • What to tell people who say this is impossible 0:49:00

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