From LSD to Chicken Soup – Jack Canfield #551

From LSD to Chicken Soup – Jack Canfield #551

Jack Canfield, a psychotherapist, educational consultant, award-winning speaker and internationally recognized leader in personal development and transformation, as well as an internationally renowned corporate trainer and keynote speaker.

He’s also the originator and co-creator of the worldwide phenomenon Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series. The first book published 25 years ago in 1993; there now are over 500 million copies in print worldwide. 40 of the books have been New York Times bestsellers. He’s credited with ushering in the genre of inspirational anthologies.

Jack was a guest on Bulletproof Radio back in episode #471 “Go Beyond Chicken Soup & Confront Your Fears.” Our conversation during that episode became the focal point of Law #3 in my new book, “Game Changers.” And that is what Jack gets in to in this episode.

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From LSD to Chicken Soup – Jack Canfield #551


Twitter: @jackcanfield
Instagram: @jackcanfield_official

Bulletproof Radio #471: “Go Beyond Chicken Soup and Confront Your Fears
Bulletproof Blog, March 2018: “How to Move Past the Fears That Hold You Back

Show Notes

  • 4 stages of life and finding purpose 00:04:50
  • “Everything that everyone does is meant to make them feel better” 00:08:20
  • How Jack used LSD to learn what truly makes him happy 00:11:00
  • Why you need to “get out of your own head” 00:14:00
  • What is the most important principle? 00:17:40
  • “Don’t become a half-wit” 00:19:30
  • “Giving up control is scary” 00:23:00
  • When can you start teaching kids how to meditate 00:28:40
  • What Jack pays his kids to do (it’s not chores) 00:31:45
  • Words which Jack does not allow his staff or family to use 00:34:10

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