January Q&A: Light Therapy, Lipoic Supplements, Dental Health & More! – #276

January Q&A: Light Therapy, Lipoic Supplements, Dental Health & More! – #276

Why you should listen –

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’ve selected the best questions that Bulletproof fans submitted voicemail, Facebook and the Bulletproof® Forums, for another great Q&A. Hear Dave answer questions with recurring guest Dr. Mark Atkinson about light therapy, the Bulletproof Conference, mercury amalgam teeth fillings, alpha lipoic acid, handling mouth ulcers and alternatives to coconut oil. This episode covers a variety of topics based on your questions. Thank you and enjoy the show!

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What You Will Hear

  •     0:00 – Ting
  •     1:59 – Fun Fact of the Day
  •     2:37 – Avant
  •     3:40 – Welcome Dr. Mark
  •     7:51 – Light color and therapy
  •   16:45 – How Dave got started
  •   22:07 – Solving nausea from coconut oil
  •   26:22 – Dehydration and lipoic supplements
  •   31:59 – Bulletproof Conference DVDs
  •   38:25 – Biohacks for creative intelligence
  •   45:54 – Hacking mouth ulcers
  •   51:08 – The dangers of mercury amalgam teeth fillings
  •   56:18 – Green Bulletproof Coffee beans
  • 1:01:33– Gratitude


Dr. Mark Atkinson


Red lights

Light therapy

Mercury fillings





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Questions for the podcast?

Leave your questions and responses in the comments section below. If you want your question to be featured on the next Q&A episode, submit it in the Podcast Question form! You can also ask your questions and engage with other listeners through The Bulletproof Forum, Twitter, and Facebook!



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