Video & Transcript: Joe Rogan, Round 2

Video & Transcript: Joe Rogan, Round 2

On the last show together- Joe’s fans called it one of his most awesome two-hour interviews! Even the most hardcore Bulletproof readers said they learned new information from that podcast episode.

Add a werewolf and Upgraded Kale Shakes to the mix, and you’ll understand why it’s called The Joe Rogan Experience!

If you find curse words offensive, don’t listen or read it!  Joe is a comedian and uses explicit language!

If you missed the latest, round 2, of the show— check it out now!

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JRE #361 – Dave Asprey, from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

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What have you applied from the show that you’ve seen results from?  What is your favorite quote from the show?



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