Hack Your Learning To Make Information Stick – Jonathan Levi – #642

Hack Your Learning To Make Information Stick – Jonathan Levi – #642

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is an accelerated learning expert and founder of the Superhuman Academy. Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker born and raised in Silicon Valley.

Since 2014, he’s been one of the top-performing instructors on the online learning platform Udemy. He’s reached more than 250,000 people in 205 countries and territories. His latest book, “The Only Skill That Matters,” details his own journey and the techniques that anyone can use to learn faster.

“As you know, the brain is the most complex object in the known universe,” Jonathan says. “So a simple, ‘Hey, here’s how it works. Here’s how it likes to process information. Here’s what makes information more memorable to it. Here’s how to retain and maintain your knowledge’—it’s life-changing for people.”

In our conversation, we talk about tangible hacks you can start using today to upgrade your own learning.

Enjoy the show!

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Hack Your Learning To Make Information Stick – Jonathan Levi – #642



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Key Notes

  • How to make a book incredible 00:05:20
  • What do people do wrong when they are trying to learn 00:07:05
  • Most people don’t know how to use their brain 00:09:30
  • Is it a thinking problem or a brain health problem? 00:11:40
  • Take care of the basics first 00:13:45
  • How cavemen learn 00:16:25
  • Is visual input better than auditory for learning? 00:18:45
  • There is no magic pill for memory 00:25:45
  • What is a memory palace? 00:26:35
  • Outrageous images work best 00:35:20
  • What is Spaced Repetition? 00:39:20
  • If you want to learn from a book, read it out loud 00:42:40
  • How do you 10x your memory? 00:44:30
  • What is the first step to dusting off your memory? 00:45:40
  • Why you should learn people’s names 00:47:50
  • We need to use the knowledge to remember it 00:50:15
  • How fast can people really read? 00:52:10
  • Double your reading speed 00:54:00
  • Glucose can help you stay focussed 00:56:20

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