Ketamine to Neurofeedback: The Brain Hacking Episode – David Feifel #513

Ketamine to Neurofeedback: The Brain Hacking Episode – David Feifel #513

This podcast episode is all about the brain because the guest is a master clinician, certified neuropsychiatrist, and brain scientist named Dr. David Feifel.

Feifel founded the Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute in San Diego after having been a professor of psychiatry at UC San Diego for more than 20 years. He developed the world’s first ketamine infusion program for psychiatric disorders and then integrated that practice into the UCSD’s Center for Advanced Treatments.

In this episode, we talk about how the brain actually works, using ketamine in psychiatry, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and much more.

You wanted more brain hackers, you got more brain hackers. Enjoy the show!

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Ketamine to Neurofeedback: The Brain Hacking Episode – David Feifel #513


Psychology Today:
Twitter: @KadimaNPI

Show Notes

  • How we are all dealing with “mental states” all of the time 00:08:43
  • It is scary that the laypeople can directly alter their brain, these days 00:10:48
  • How the field of neuroenhancement works 00:13:29
  • Why enhancing the brain is different than enhancing something like a kidney 00:14:39
  • What is the brain’s purpose 00:15:39
  • Set and Setting is extremely important when using psychedelics 00:20:30
  • The reason David has not tried ketamine but uses it in his practice 00:33:16
  • How dangerous is Ketamine? 00:38:20
  • What could make Ketamine dangerous 00:40:00
  • Risk/reward is the key to medicine (not, “do no harm”) 00:44:06
  • “If anyone tries to explain to you how ketamine or anti-depressants work, don’t believe them.” 00:48:19
  • The language of the brain is “the firing” 01:01:54

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