Light Hacking: Infrared, the Sun & Your Health – Joovv #516

Light Hacking: Infrared, the Sun & Your Health – Joovv #516

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, our guests are Justin Strahan and Scott Nelson, the co-founders of a company called Joovv. Joovv is taking the clinical research behind the healing benefits of red and infrared light therapy and turning that into practical devices that you can use at home.

Scott and Justin have a combination of expertise that is truly unique. Scott focuses on the biology of how this stuff works and Justin has spent years doing design and engineering. So, in this episode, we talk about the clinical studies, ways to control your cellular biology, and what light actually does to our bodies.

If you have read Head Strong or listened to the other podcast episodes about light, you’ll know that light is one of the big signals your body listens to all the time. It is like any another nutrient that comes into your body – so you need to be choosy.

Enjoy the show!

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Light Hacking: Infrared, the Sun & Your Health – Joov #516


Go to to get a copy of Dave’s book, Head Strong, with your purchase of any Joovv device.

Show Notes

  • How infrared works on the brain 00:08:15
  • Why light therapy enhances so many physiological functions 00:13:27
  • How is this different than just getting some good old sunshine? 00:17:10
  • The ways that most of us use sunlight 00:20:20
  • Should you put something on your skin before infrared therapy? 00:22:51
  • Why pulsing, blinking or the refresh rates on lights matter 00:31:07
  • How safe is light therapy? Are there side effects? 00:44:45
  • How red light therapy works on hair growth 00:50:26
  • How to use light for mental clarity 00:52:48
  • The average American spends 93% of their time under artificial light 00:56:25
  • How Nasa first used light therapy 01:00:24

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