Matt Cook: Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells #512

Matt Cook: Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells #512

Today’s guest was an anesthesiologist at the top of his game before he changed his focus to become a leader in stem cells and Regenerative Medicine. His name is Dr. Matt Cook and he has repaired injuries for many top-tier athletes, enabling their bodies to heal in ways that are not normally possible.

In addition, Dr. Cook sits on the scientific advisory board of several high profile medical companies and is a true a leader in the emerging fields of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound imaging, nerve hydrodissection, and stem cell medicine.

Dr. Cook also runs BioReset Medical and this episode of Bulletproof Radio was recorded live in his offices in Los Gatos California.

Enjoy the show!

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Matt Cook: Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells #512


Facebook: BioReset-Medical-Matthew-Cook-MD

Show Notes

  • The two groups of nerves that really control “fight or flight” 00:04:10
  • The types of personalities who tend toward knocking people out 00:07:35
  • What it’s like having emotions and trauma trapped in the body 00:09:55
  • The hypothesis of having localized intelligence in the body 00:12:00
  • The reasons people have nerve pain 00:15:00
  • Where exactly you can find stem cells 00:20:00
  • How to choose between fat or bone marrow stem cells 00:24:01
  • How stem cells actually work in the body 00:29:40
  • The mythology of stem cells 00:30:12
  • What are umbilical stem cells 00:36:48
  • Can we culture or farm our own stem cells 00:43:01
  • How the reset process worked on Dr. Cook 00:49:10

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