Bigger Brains from Adult Play and Hypnosis: Dr. Mike Dow #525

Bigger Brains from Adult Play and Hypnosis: Dr. Mike Dow #525

Dr. Mike Dow is a psychotherapist, a neurotherapist, and a New York Times best-selling author of several books. He is also a well-known expert in relationships, brain health, addiction, and mental illness which is why he is a part of Dr. Oz’s core team of experts.

You may have seen him on TV shows like VH1, TLC, The Today Show, and on top of that, he’s got a second doctorate in clinical sexology and a post-doctorate in psychopharmacology. Dr. Dow is a full time, licensed psychotherapist and sex therapist – plus all sorts of other crazy stuff.

In other words, Mike Dow is a total badass at multiple parts of what it takes to be a high performance, highly functional, happy human being.

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Bigger Brains from Adult Play and Hypnosis: Dr. Mike Dow #525


Books: Heal Your Drained Brain, Healing the Broken Brain, and The Brain Fog Fix.
Twitter: @doctormikedow
Instagram: @drmikedow

Show Notes

    • Mike’s brother had a stroke at 15-years-old 00:06:20
    • Why Mike likes meditation but loves hypnosis 00:08:14
    • Do you need to be weak minded to be hypnotized? 00:11:25
    • How humans get stuck in “reality” 00:15:40
    • How you can get started with hypnosis 00:16:50
    • At a fundamental level, what hypnosis does 00:17:15
    • How to know if your hypnosis is safe 00:18:35
    • “We are all seeking love at a fundamental level” 00:21:00
    • Sex is the way that adults play together 00:24:10
    • Play is essential for all human beings 00:24:35
    • How important are “little hits to the head”? 00:36:15
    • Why you should lean into the things that are hard for you to do 00:39:00
    • What to do if you have a brain injury 00:39:55
    • Theta state is where the angels and demons live 00:47:45

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