Your Microbiome May be Misbehaving – Naveen Jain #612

Your Microbiome May be Misbehaving – Naveen Jain #612

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is an entrepreneur, a visionary who seeks to solve some of our world’s biggest obstacles through creative innovation and collaboration, and also my good friend—Naveen Jain.

Naveen has an interesting perspective that’s changing a lot of minds and a lot of microbiomes: He believes science is asking the wrong questions about gut health, especially in relation to the chronic diseases that are plaguing so many people. The focus on “what organisms are in the gut “is stalling us; the focus on “what those organisms are producing”—now that gets us closer to real answers.

“The body doesn’t care who is doing it, what it cares about is what is being done to it,” Naveen says. “And if you can figure out what these organisms are producing that’s being absorbed in the human body, we will be able to actually do something about it. Because then, it becomes math and chemistry. Once you know the biochemical activities of the chemicals that are there, you can adjust those chemicals.”

We’re going to get into some new science about how people can change their gut bacteria and know what’s going on. You’ll learn that you actually want more species—and a more diverse set of species—in your gut. It will improve your health and will probably make you live a lot longer. 

And by the way, Naveen’s a regular on Bulletproof Radio, most recently on episode: #541: From Inside Your Gut to Outer Space: Moonshots with Naveen Jain. You can hear my other conversations with him on episode #452: Listen to Your Gut and Decide Your Own Destiny and episode #382: The Microorganisms in Our Body That Keep Us Alive. I always get great feedback from listeners about our conversations, so I’m always happy to talk to him again about more gut health.

A Bit More About Naveen:

  • He is the founder of several successful companies, including Viome (that I talk about a lot), Moon Express, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius and InfoSpace. He’s also a trustee of the board at the X PRIZE Foundation, an organization that since 1994 has designed and launched 17 prizes for industry changing technologies in the domain areas of Space, Oceans, Learning, Health, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Safety and Robotics. Naveen is the title of the Women’s Safety X PRIZE, that empowers women around the world.
  • He just launched a brand-new podcast called Moonshots with Naveen Jain. “Intellectual curiosity is what moves humans forward and humanity forward,” he says—and he’s hosting conversations with the world’s leading thinkers and entrepreneurs to bring their insights and ideas to you.

Enjoy the show!

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Your Microbiome May be Misbehaving – Naveen Jain – #612


Instagram: @naveen_jain_ceo
XPRIZE & XPRIZE Foundation:
Women’s Safety XPRIZE:
Moon Express:
Singularity University:
Book: “Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance” by Naveen Jain with John Schroeter and an introduction by Sir Richard Branson

Bulletproof Radio: “From Inside Your Gut to Outer Space: Moonshots with Naveen Jain #541”
Bulletproof Radio: “Listen to Your Gut and Decide Your Own Destiny-#452”
Bulletproof Radio: “The Microorganisms in Our Body That Keep Us Alive-#382”

Key Notes

  • Dave swallowed a Russian EMS device in 1998 00:05:15
  • How many data points has Viome identified? 00:12:15
  • Why science cannot control all variables 00:15:40
  • The problem with fasting 00:38:45
  • There aren’t good or bad bacteria, it’s the ecosystem 00:54:45
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • The difference between bacteria species, strain and what they are doing 00:07:00
  • It’s not which bacteria is present, it’s what they are producing 00:09:30
  • It’s the ecosystem, not just the organism 00:13:30
  • Glycemic response and gut bacteria 00:18:00
  • Babies are not built in a sterile environment 00:20:00
  • Are we Petri dishes or walking compost piles? 00:21:20
  • What we need to know about ammonia 00:28:45
  • What lipopolysaccharides do 00:37:15
  • How to know how long you should fast for 00:42:45
  • What are bacterial phages? 00:47:30

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