Pedram Shojai – The Urban Monk: #283

Pedram Shojai – The Urban Monk: #283

Why you should listen –

Pedram Shojai is a former Taoist monk and an accomplished physician of Chinese medicine. He is the founder of, a documentary filmmaker and an author of two books including the recently penned work The Urban Monk. A Bulletproof Radio regular, Pedram stops by today to talk with Dave about productivity boosters at work, time-management, science skeptics, standing desks, capitalism and more. Enjoy the show!
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What You Will Hear

  •     0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day
  •     1:15 – MVMT
  •     2:45 – Introducing Pedram Shojai
  •     6:05 – Discussing Urban Monk
  •   10:52 – Scheduling your days
  •   15:17 – Managing your days pre-success
  •   23:00 – Work breaks & standing desks
  •   28:38 – Astrology & birth months
  •   34:28 – Self-validating skeptics
  •   38:43 – Pedram’s perspective of capitalism
  •   42:36 – Corporate culture
  •   50:45 – Top 3 most important pieces of advice from The Urban Monk


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