PETER DIAMANDIS: PART 1 – The Space Episode – #448

PETER DIAMANDIS: PART 1 – The Space Episode – #448

Why not shoot for the moon? Space enthusiast Peter Diamandis definitely “thinks big.” He is the founder and executive chairman of the X Prize Foundation, one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders named by Fortune Magazine, co-founder of Human Longevity Inc., and a couple of companies that are literally out of this world.
Today’s Bulletproof Radio episode is all about reaching for the stars in your own life, figuring out what goes into creating a massive transformative purpose, and how to think ten times bigger. Diamandis’ mission is to open the space frontier for humanity. His personal motto is: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

  • What is a massive transformative purpose, what Peter calls a MTP or a moonshots?
  • What is your MTP, “Your emotional energy, it will drive you and allow you to go bigger and bolder than any place else.”
  • Why when you’re going 10 times bigger versus 10%, it’s 100 times the value proposition.
  • How Peter Diamandis learned to dream big.
  • Why Peter’s goal “is to make the human race a multi-planetary species.”
  • Why Peter says “you can’t get a moonshot by just working harder.” What you need to do!
  • Peter and Dave discuss how “the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.”
  • The idea behind the X Prize and what it has to do with Charles Lindbergh’s autobiography
  • On why a lot of guys started tech companies as a stepping stone to going to space.
  • What is an abundance thinking and an exponential mindset.
  • Dave and Peter talk about how in more than 30 countries, renewables were cheaper than petroleum for energy.
  • Peter on his theory on negative news, and his theory on why we get 10 times more negative news than positive news.
  • What is Abundance Digital
  • Why Dave believes in Peter’s program so much he is willing to pay half of it for his listeners. By using code


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