Revolutionizing Exercise With Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – Gary Volino – #401

Revolutionizing Exercise With Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – Gary Volino – #401

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Recharging your depleted cells and boosting your mitochondria isn’t something that can be done with just a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. Sometimes you need to blast your body with raw amounts of high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields. Dave welcomes Gary Volino, the president of Pulse Centers, to Bulletproof Radio this week to talk about the revolutionary products his company is developing that are reshaping the medical field and revolutionizing the use of electromagnetic therapies.

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0:00 – Cool fact of the day!

1:00 – Head Strong

2:30 – Welcome Gary & Gary

3:40 – What is PEMF? (Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies)

5:30 – How magnetic fields affect mitochondria

12:00 – Stories of using PEMF

14:00 – Why do you need so much power with PEMF?

20:00 – Bone density and PEMF

24:00 – Macular degeneration

29:00 – PEMF and race horses

39:00 – Radar-countermeasures

43:00 – PEMF and kids

52:00 – Top 3 tips for performing better at everything


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Schumann resonances




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