How to Upgrade Your Gratitude with Charity: Ryan Cummins #523

How to Upgrade Your Gratitude with Charity: Ryan Cummins #523

Ryan Cummins has had an amazing path working with influential people through Live Earth, talking with 120 Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners, MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, and Pulitzer Prize winners. His work culminated in him having a new understanding of what he could do to allow us all to have life-changing, amazing, celebrity experiences, while also supporting massive charity efforts. This all gave birth to a company called Omaze.

Omaze is an experience-driven fundraising platform that uses the power of storytelling and technology to radically change charitable giving. Through his work at Omaze, Ryan has engaged with top performers, influencers, and franchises including Bono, Robert Downey Jr., Serena Williams, George Clooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more.

The work Ryan has done with 150 charities in 175 countries, is something that has disrupted the entire philanthropic space. Along with his partner Matt at Omaze, Ryan is breaking the traditional model of charity and creating more good than ever before.

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How to Upgrade Your Gratitude with Charity: Ryan Cummins #523


Charity website:
Twitter: @ryan_cummins
Bulletproof article: Fainting and Dizzy Spells? You Could Have POTS Syndrome

Show Notes

    • How a charity auction usually works 00:10:20
    • How Omaze is different from other charity giving situations 00:15:00
    • Everybody these days can be a philanthropist 00:19:10
    • Dave’s story about a Charity party with Brian Cranston and Tim Tebow 00:22:10
    • What a Snoop Dog Health Retreat is 00:26:10
    • What Ryan learned from interviewing Nobel prize winners 00:28:30
    • We, humans, have two different types of experiences 00:29:30
    • How Ryan sabotaged himself early on 00:34:20
    • Why society’s questions are more important than answers 00:35:40
    • Why Dave wanted to help other people 00:40:20
    • We are a byproduct of our genetics and our environment 00:43:05
    • How genetics really work 00:45:10

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