How to Fall in Love With Your Work – Stella Grizont #563

How to Fall in Love With Your Work – Stella Grizont #563

Stella Grizont is a three-peat on the show who makes us all happier each time she is on. She is a speaker, executive coach, founder of WOOPAAH, and creator of The Work Happiness Method. She works with overachievers who are seeking deeper career fulfillment and with organizations who are dedicated to engaging their employees.

Stella is also one of the first 150 people to earn a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (aka the science of happiness) from the University of Pennsylvania.

In this episode, you will find out how to fall in love with your work—whether it is where you are at right now or striking off in a new direction.

Enjoy the show!
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How to Fall in Love With Your Work – Stella Grizont #563


The Work Happiness Method:
Twitter: @StellaGrizont
Instagram: @stellagrizont
Udemy Academy: The Science of Happiness: Hacks & Skills to Flourish

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Show Notes

  • I found myself in “that place” one too many times 00:04:20
  • When you are in a negative mindset you don’t see the big picture 00:08:45
  • What is Loving Kindness meditation? 00:16:00
  • What is a “toxic situation?” 00:20:20
  • Big Ideas:
  • Advice for people who aren’t doing what makes them happy 00:05:35
  • How to deal with the Negativity Bias 00:15:20
  • People are bigger than their behaviours 00:29:15
  • Happy people live longer 00:34:45
  • How being a parent changes happiness 00:38:20
  • How to start Bulletproof in a toxic work environment 00:48:20

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