New Study: Scientists Use Placental Stem Cells to Regenerate Heart Tissue

New Study: Scientists Use Placental Stem Cells to Regenerate Heart Tissue

And you thought there was no cure for a broken heart.

Scientists were able to repair tears in the hearts of mice using stem cells derived from the placenta.[1] A specific type of stem cell called Cdx2 cells selectively regenerated healthy heart cells, and restored the structure and function of the hearts of mice who had recently had heart attacks.

What’s particularly notable about this study is that it showed that Cdx2 cells were able to fly under the radar of the immune system, so the stem cells were not attacked as invaders before they arrived at injury sites to repair tissue. They efficiently targeted and fixed areas of damage.

This is huge, and the scientific community hasn’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible with stem cells.

Cdx2 cells are the cells that give rise to the placenta, the organ that grows in the womb alongside the baby to provide the baby with oxygen and nourishment. Scientists previously thought that Cdx2 cells were highly specialized and could only differentiate into placental cells, but this monumental study shows the potential for Cdx2 cells to grow other organs.

Stem cells as a biohack

You might remember my super intense head-to-toe stem cell treatment I underwent in Utah. You can get a sneak peek into the procedure in this video.

My heart and organs are fine, so why did I do it? In short, when I’m old, I don’t want to feel old. I intend to move and think like I do today, even when I’m 100 and beyond. I follow the Bulletproof Diet as the foundation for that, and I add in other treatments to stay young, like cryotherapy, hydrogen therapy, PEMF, ozone therapy… the list goes on. Stem cell treatments are another avenue to stay young.

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Stem cells seem advanced and expensive, and even controversial. If you look at the history of stem cell treatments, you can see that that’s changing. It wasn’t long ago that you had to pack up your life savings and go overseas to get stem cells. Now, you have your pick of stem cell centers in the states.

And, you can get treatments for a few thousand dollars. It’s still pricey, but not crazy expensive like it used to be. As more and more clinics open, competition will increase and costs will fall even further, and as research develops, we’ll probably see more stem cell procedures being covered by insurance.

The body of knowledge around stem cells increases every day, and there’s no doubt you’re going to see a wider and wider range of stem cell applications as scientists learn more about their capabilities. We’re truly living in exciting times.

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