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Hack Your Learning To Make Information Stick – Jonathan Levi – #642

Jonathan Levi shares ways to understand your brain better and upgrade your learning.

Your Brain Voltage: Measure It, Raise It, Control It – Paul Sorbo #619

WAVi is bringing fast and affordable information about brain performance to everyone by assessing brain function and measuring available cognitive…

3 Things It Takes to Be a Genius (and How to Hack Them)

In a recent Bulletproof Radio podcast episode [iTunes], intelligence and creativity researcher Dean Simonton talked about what it takes to…

How to Boost Your Alpha Brain Waves to Lower Stress and Improve Mood

What does the brain of a lifelong Zen monk look like? It’s an interesting question, and it turns out there’s…

Bigger Brains from Adult Play and Hypnosis: Dr. Mike Dow #525

Dr. Mike Dow is a psychotherapist, a neurotherapist, and a New York Times best-selling author of several books. He is…

Ketamine to Neurofeedback: The Brain Hacking Episode – David Feifel #513

This podcast episode is all about the brain because the guest is master clinician, certified neuropsychiatrist, and brain scientist Dr….



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