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Carl’s Jr. Now Has CBD Burgers — Here’s Why Fast Food Edibles Won’t Work

If you happen to live in Denver, you could celebrate pot’s unofficial birthday (4/20) by grabbing a CBD burger at…

Why You Need to Back Away From the Nutritional Yeast

I’m going to piss off tons of vegan and vegetarian readers when I say this, but nutritional yeast (or “nooch”)…

4 Ways Big Food Is Ruining Your Diet

Earlier this month, the German pharmaceutical and crops chemical company Bayer finalized its purchase of  Monsanto, an American agricultural business….

How To Eat For A Stronger Brain

Diets usually focus on your body. Rightfully so: staying lean and muscular keeps you thriving well into your later years….

Bulletproof Alcohol: What to Drink During the Holidays

Even if you’re totally committed to the Bulletproof lifestyle, odds are you relax with a drink every now and then….

Bulletproof Testimonial: A Love Story

The words donuts, Bulletproof and love don’t usually appear in the same sentence, but they describe how one couple transformed…

Go Bold with Bulletproof Dark Roast Coffee

When I created Bulletproof Coffee, I took painstaking care to get the best coffee beans available, and to produce them…

VIDEO: Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Sexier, Better: Bulletproof

In April 2012, I gave a talk at the Silicon Valley Health Institute, of which I am also the chairman….



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