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Improve Your Hair Health With Nutraceuticals – Dr. Sophia Kogan & Dr. Tess Marshall #622

Total hair wellness is a multi-pronged approach of integrative prevention and restoration that looks at whole-body systems.

Why Hair Loss Happens and How to Regrow Hair Naturally

If you’re losing your hair, you’re not alone. Hair loss is more common than you might think: Eighteen percent of men…

A Holistic Approach to Hair Loss: Dr. Sophia Kogan #535

Dr. Sophia Kogan’s interests in holistic and integrative medicine led her to study and lead research on the effects of…

The Real Story Behind Hair Loss and the Revolutionary Approach to Treating It – Roland Peralta – #420

Why you should listen – Today’s guest, Roland Peralta, struggled with hair loss for over 15 years after being diagnosed…



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