What You Eat is Turning Your Genes On and Off – Teri Cochrane – #646

What You Eat is Turning Your Genes On and Off – Teri Cochrane – #646

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest, Teri Cochrane, CN, CCP, shares exciting discoveries about how our food choices influence how our genes are expressed. We discuss her research on epigenetics and nutrigenomics, and how eating wild-caught, wild-fed proteins can lead to better health on a molecular level. “Just eat based to your genetic blueprint and where you are on your health continuum,” she says.

Teri is an integrative practitioner and thought leader in personalized health care. She specializes in complex health conditions in private clinical practice. She has developed her own methodology that integrates a multi-level nutritional approach—including biochemistry, nutrition, genetic tendencies, herbology, and counseling—to develop a bio-individualized plan for her clients.

As the author of the “The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended,” Teri helps us look at the malabsorption of protein, fat, and sulfur, and how these “big three” tamper with our gene expression. She also takes aim at protein abnormalities.

“Disruptors such as pathogens, mycotoxins, stress, amyloids and inflammatory foods work together to impair body balance,” Teri says. “We have found a direct link between amyloids, mycotoxins and these health disruptors in the acceleration of disease.”

Listen on to understand how to choose food that’s just right for you and how to get your body back in balance.

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Enjoy the show!

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What You Eat is Turning Your Genes On and Off – Teri Cochrane – #646


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Instagram: @tericochranebeyondnutrition

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Key Notes

  • What happened to Teri’s son? 00:05:00
  • What Teri was feeding her son was a major factor 00:07:35
  • Even if you don’t notice it, is corn bad for you? 00:10:35
  • How mycotoxins get into corn 00:11:30
  • Mould in coffee 00:15:05
  • What are amyloids? 00:17:05
  • Why chicken is nasty 00:18:00
  • Should you eat beef? 00:23:20
  • What healthy bison meat looks like 00:24:20
  • How much time does eating well take? 00:26:40
  • How do you eat plant-based without hurting the soil? 00:27:40
  • We’ve lost our connection to nature 00:32:10
  • The trifecta of glyphosate, mycotoxins, and amyloids. 00:36:00
  • Why Teri calls it “killer kale” 00:37:55
  • What do you eat if you can’t get grass-fed meat? 00:43:10
  • What would Teri eat at Taco Bell? 00:45:40
  • Will you eat farmed salmon? 00:47:00
  • How your words affect your food 00:50:55

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