The Neuroscience of Sleep Hacking: Dan Levendowski #520

The Neuroscience of Sleep Hacking: Dan Levendowski #520

Our guest on this episode of Bulletproof Radio is Dan Levendowski. Dan is the President and Co-founder of Advanced Brain Monitoring which is a neurodiagnostic device company that has been doing deep work on the science of human sleep for about 20 years.

Dan is returning to Bulletproof Radio for his second time – his first appearance was alongside Phillip Westbrook back in 2014. Back then, Dan’s company had a new sleep apnea device called Night Shift, but in this episode, we dive into the topic of why so many people do not get good quality sleep, why that is such a problem, and also what we can do to get better sleep.

Enjoy the show!

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The Neuroscience of Sleep Hacking: Dan Levendowski #520


Night Shift:
Virtuox Testing Device:
YouTube: AdvBrainMonitoring
Twitter: @balert??
Sleep Profiler:
Dan’s first episode of Bulletproof Radio: Phillip Westbrook & Dan Levendowski: Sleep for Performance

Show Notes

  • The two major aspects of sleep 00:07:10
  • Looking at EEGs to predict neurodegeneration based on sleeping position 00:15:00
  • What causes Alzheimer’s? 00:17:00
  • The problem with sleeping less than 6 hours a night 00:19:20
  • How many times do you wake up in the night? 00:21:40
  • How has the science of sleep changed in the last 20 years? 00:25:00
  • The accuracy of the wearable devices 00:25:56
  • What to do if you share a bed? 00:31:50
  • How many women get sleep apnea? 00:33:00
  • If someone wants a bite guard for sleep, do the need a specific dentist? 00:40:40
  • Things to do to get better sleep 00:53:10

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