Urban Escape and Evasion: Breaking Duct Tape Restraints

Urban Escape and Evasion: Breaking Duct Tape Restraints

Some people go to Disneyland for fun. Others (like me) get chased around Los Angeles by bounty hunters just to see how to escape.  Part of the class, from onPoint Tactical, includes teaching you what to do if you’re held against your will. Several executives like me were in the class, along with some military and law enforcement personnel.

In this clip, I’m experimenting with techniques to quickly break tape around my wrists.

See my longer post about how this class applies to being an entrepreneur; the short version is that learning to stay cool and apply new skills while under an enormous amount of stress is core to functioning in any competitive environment.  Plus, this was an enormous amount of fun despite giving myself the equivalent of the Heimlich Maneuver while a former Playmate of the Year filming for an episode of G4TV watched. (You can watch the G4TV video here.)

I’ll never look at Santa Monica the same way again!



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