Using Behavioral Science To Become Successful – Jon Levy – #395

Using Behavioral Science To Become Successful – Jon Levy – #395

Success isn’t pure chance or blind luck, it’s a science. Behavioral scientist and world adventurer, Jon Levy, reveals the characteristics, habits, and mindset of the most successful people on the planet. Jon’s groundbreaking book, The 2 AM Principle, combines neuroscience, psychology, economics theory, and biology to help people break through their self-imposed barriers and self-sabotaging behavior to lead a life of success, adventure, and danger.

Enjoy the show!

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0:00 – Yoga Trapeze (Use code: Bulletproof)

1:25 – Cool fact of the day!

2:30 – Order Head Strong!

3:15 – Bulletproof Stainless Steel Mug

4:00 – Welcome Jon Levy

6:00 – About the Influencers Dinner

10:00 – What kinds of people are most successful?

17:00 – How Bulletproof Coffee spread

21:00 – How to deal with copycats

27:00 – Story of running with the bulls

33:00 – What is the The 2 AM Principle

36:00 – The 4 stages on adventure

49:00 – The influencer dinner as an adventure

51:00 – Study about the Israeli parole board

1:05:00 – Top 3 tips for performing better in life


Jon Levy

Influencers Dinner

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The 2 AM Principle



The Power of When

Power of When Quiz

Wim Hof Method

Jim Kwik


Order Head Strong!

Bulletproof Stainless Steel Mug

Bulletproof Coffee

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