VIDEO: Sunshine Makes You Bulletproof

VIDEO: Sunshine Makes You Bulletproof

Most people in the Western World are deficient in vitamin D. Having adequate levels of D may protect against cancer, control inflammation, heart disease, poor mood, and may help regulate the immune system.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all, it is a prohormone that humans manufacture in their bodies naturally through skin exposure and a cholesterol derivative, to UVB light.

While sunshine is the best way to get your vitamin D, chances are your coworkers might not appreciate you showing up to work in a loin cloth and spending the majority of the day outside, not working.  So eating foods rich in vitamin D, and supplementing with D3 has become a necessary part of life to maintain adequate D levels.  Although it is possible to over do it on the D, and it turns out that the optimal D set point varies from person to person.  Too much may be differently problematic than not enough.

In this video with WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean, we discuss how to find your optimal D set point. I use WellnessFX for my blood testing and arranged a coupon code (use “bpe0812“) for Bulletproof readers who, like me, are working to upgrade their long-term health trends using data.

In this video, some of the points we cover are:

  • The role of C-Reactive Protein for determining your optimal D levels
  • The people who benefit most from vitamin D supplementation
  • The impact of too much vitamin D
  • How to determine your optimal D levels

Do you know what your Vitamin D levels are?  What are your hacks for improving your levels?

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