What Self-Awareness and Gratitude Actually Does For You: Gary Vaynerchuk #518

What Self-Awareness and Gratitude Actually Does For You: Gary Vaynerchuk #518

Today’s guest is one of those people who is definitely changing the world for the better, but he’s not a scientist, shaman, guru or inventor, he is Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary’s a serial entrepreneur who best known as Gary Vee. He is a chairman of Vayner X, and he runs Vayner Media and Vayner Sports. He has built businesses starting with his family’s wine company when he got out of college, established one of the first eCommerce wine sites in the late 90s, produced 1000 episodes of his YouTube vlog, is on the Fortune 40 under 40 list, and has written four New York Times bestsellers.

If you’re alive and you have a phone or web browser, you’ve probably seen at least one thing from Gary Vee because he’s uniquely positive, extremely interesting, and a rather outspoken person. In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, he lets us look inside his head and talk about how he thinks about success, gratitude, legacy, and what really matters in life.

Enjoy the show!

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What Self-Awareness and Gratitude Actually Does For You: Gary Vaynerchuk #518


YouTube: GaryVee
Twitter: @garyvee
Instagram: @garyvee
Gary’s Book: Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Business and Influence

Show Notes

  • Why Gary believes in legacy and why he cares that he is remembered well 00:07:55
  • How long Gary thinks he is going to live 00:08:35
  • I believe tomorrow is better than yesterday 00:12:00
  • I know the world is unfair 00:13:40
  • How the idea of “positive vibes only” works 00:16:55
  • What happens when people think I am full of shit 00:18:10
  • How do you practice gratitude? 00:20:05
  • What makes you stop and pause? 00:21:30
  • Dealing with failure gracefully 00:22:25
  • What you should actually be worried about in your life 00:23:25

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