How To Find A Bulletproof Aligned Doctor

How To Find A Bulletproof Aligned Doctor

If you’ve been following the Bulletproof Diet, keeping your stress levels low, and boosting your sleep fitness – you probably don’t get sick very often. Maybe you even pride yourself on never needing a doctor. But what about when something serious happens?  Let’s say you get chest pain one morning and it persists throughout the day. What if you black out and don’t know why?

These are scary situations, and could be a sign of something life threatening. You think about going to the doctor, but you already have an idea of how the conversation will go:

You: “Doc, I woke up this morning and my chest really hurt. I have no idea what caused it.”

The doctor takes your vitals, listens to your breathing, and asks you some questions. Then it happens:

Doc: “Tell me about your diet.”

You: “Well, I have been eating a lot of butter and steak recently…”

Doc: “How much?”

You: Half a stick of butter and 2 pounds of grass-fed steak.”

It’s then that your doctor starts writing statin prescriptions faster than you can say, “Bulletproof Coffee.”

This is obviously an exaggerated situation, but the point is when you have a serious medical condition, you want a doctor who has some understanding of evolutionary biology and modern research.

Modern medicine can produce miracles, and it’s important to remember its value.

While it may seem impossible to find a doctor who doesn’t think saturated fat is bad for your heart – they do exist!

Find a Bulletproof-minded doctor near you

There are several great resources for paleo/primal doctors available. One is called the Paleo Physician’s Network, and the other is Primal Docs.

Paleo Physicians Network

The purpose of the Paleo Physicians Network (PPN) is to provide a simple interface between health conscious consumers and the medical professionals who practice Darwinian/Evolutionary Medicine.

The Paleo Physicians Network was started by Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf to allow easy access to paleo-minded doctors around the world. It already has a wide selection of doctors, and the list is growing.

Re-Find Health

Chris Armstrong, a long-time advocate of grain/gluten free living, started Primal Docs in 2011. The site has since evolved into Re-Find Health, a database of like-minded practitioners who believe that:

“…the key to optimal disease treatment and prevention lies at the intersection of ancestral health and functional medicine.In this context, ancestral health could mean anything from the clues we find within ancient and previously healthy civilisations, to looking at how our own grandparents lived and thrived. “

Re-Find Health has one 1,300 practitioners that run the gamut, from Naturopathic Physicians to MDs to Nutritional Therapy practitioners. Their philosophies and approaches to healing might differ, but stay rooted in the same idea: finding the root cause of disease and supporting preventative care as much as possible.

Prevention is always a great first step, but bad things happen. When they do, it’s sometimes necessary to seek medical help.  If you find yourself in this situation, try to find a doctor who will take a holistic approach to your treatment.

Do you know a Bulletproof Doctor?  If so, please mention them in the comments section of this post.



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